Why St. Lucia is Known For Irish Sea Moss

Why St. Lucia is Known For Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea moss from St. Lucia has become a popular self care staple in recent years, either due to Dr. Sebi’s book or Kim Kardashian’s sea moss smoothie Twitter post. As a proclaimed superfood, having 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs, Irish sea moss has its own benefits that can do your body good. Specifically, the sea moss found in St. Lucia is held to a higher standard and sought after by many health junkies. Numerous sea moss products heavily advertise their origin as the famed Carribean island. Why? From its gorgeous location to the long history behind the algae, let’s dive into why St. Lucia is one of the most popular places to source your sea moss.

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Where is St. Lucia?

One of the island states in the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia is a beloved tourist spot because of its tropical maritime climate. Other notable features include its luxurious volcanic beaches and abundant rainforest. The island’s flora and fauna reflect the vibrant variety of life in the area, especially in the waters that surround it.

What is the History Behind Sea Moss Manufacturing in St. Lucia?

The book Sea Moss Cultivation in the West Indies published by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute describes the longtime cultivation and use of sea moss by the locals. Here you can see the science and practices that go into St. Lucia sea moss. The author, Allan H. Smith, talks about how a combination of science, as well as traditional methods used by the aquaculture farmers on the island, have both contributed to the successful growth of sea moss.

In the early-1980s, sea moss used for consumption was directly taken from the wild. However, in 1985, the government started a research program in which sea moss farmers were able to cultivate their own sea moss, refining the process and the products. The site selection for growing sea moss is an incredibly meticulous process, ensuring that the habitat is ideal for the algae. The locals, researchers, and business people all worked hand-in-hand to create high-quality sea moss that can be consumed as a gel. Special care and years of research has been put into each step of the process. As such, St. Lucia sea moss is top-grade material not only due to its tropical climate, but also the time that has gone into polishing how it is made.

Why Buy Irish Sea Moss from St. Lucia?

The sea moss cultivated in St. Lucia is grown in just the right conditions with tested and true locations and methods. The farmers use pristine beaches with clear ocean water. Sea moss itself is rich in minerals because it feeds on them as its roots attach themselves to the surface of rocks. The process called iontophoresis is what makes sea moss very nutritious and St. Lucia’s mineral-rich beaches are the reason why the area is the perfect place to grow it. The climate also complements the growth of the algae year-round. The location is conducive to the growth of the wild-harvest sea moss.

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What is St Lucia sea moss used for?

Its minerals! Once again, it is fit to mention that there are 92 of the 102 minerals needed by the human body present in Irish sea moss. Have some and you have already taken care of a good chunk of nutrition that is essential to your body. Note that it does not mean that it is the only food you should take in a day.

It is good for your thyroid. It can help you boost your thyroid function, which aids in regulating your mood, digestion, and metabolism. However, if you have hyperthyroidism, you might need to avoid taking sea moss. An overactive thyroid is not advisable with such a condition. Treating hyperthyroidism includes reducing your iodine content, a nutrient sea moss is rich in. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing, and having only a moderate amount of sea moss gel is key. One quarter of a cup should be good enough for the day.

It can boost your energy. Irish sea moss can add to your energy levels with its vitamin B content. Energy can then be utilized effectively after food is processed.

It can nourish your skin. Sea moss is often called a natural collagen, the protein that smoothens the skin and ensures silky hair. This is one of the main attractions to sea moss in the first place, but its primary use is for helping with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and burns.

It may be able to promote weight loss. The minerals in sea moss can make you feel full. Your appetite can be suppressed from this effect helping you lose weight.

Final Thoughts

Sea moss from the shores of St. Lucia indeed has something special in it. Whether it’s the time it took to perfect the creation of such a nutritious superfood or the natural environmental conditions and climate of the area, nothing beats sea moss from the Caribbean island.