Why Dried Sea Moss Is So Popular

At first glance, dried sea moss might not sound too appetizing, however, you might be surprised to learn that Pinterest’s 2020 Trends Report stated that this snack was one of its top 3 most searched health foods of 2020. For those new to the sea moss train, this article will explore the benefits of eating dried sea moss and tips on how to eat it. 

What is Dried Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a kind of red algae that has been discovered to have many health benefits for the skin and overall health. You might also have heard it referred to as Irish sea moss. Its scientific name is Chondrus crispus and it is usually collected to be added as a part of health supplements, gels, or snack food. 

Sea moss shot to popularity due to Dr. Sebi’s highly-debated rigid plant-based diet. He claimed that sea moss could boost one’s immunity, cleanse the body, and stabilize sugar levels. Although the late herbalist and healer is called a doctor he does not have a Ph.D. He believed that some foods, like sea moss, could detoxify the body. Even if sea moss is still very nutritious, the late Dr. Sebi and his diet were not scientifically proven to be effective in the long run. 

To gauge sea moss and its own claim to fame, let’s examine its nutritional value per 100 grams using the following table:

Energy 49kcal
Energy 205kilojoules
Total Lipid (Fat)0.16grams
Carbohydrate, by difference12.3 grams
Calcium72 milligrams
Potassium 67milligrams

The table depicts the healthy content present in the dried sea moss such as its potential to be a rich source of fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium.

sea moss dried

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What are the Health Benefits of Dried Sea Moss?

Dried sea moss is famous because superfans rave about its health benefits. Here are some of the possible reasons why dried sea moss is so sought after.

Hormonal Health

Dried sea moss can do wonders for your thyroid health because it is rich in iodine which helps the thyroid do its job. The thyroid itself is in charge of regulating hormone production. Iodine insufficiency is a common problem in the United Kingdom and in some European countries. Eating food or supplements with iodine is a big plus to prevent that. 

Enhanced Immunity

It can possibly improve immunity. Enhanced immunity would make your body better prepared for sicknesses. A study conducted in the salmon fish revealed that supplemental seaweed enhanced immune modulation and immune response. Further research can still be conducted to see if this is true with humans as well. 

Weight Loss Support

Dried sea moss can also possibly help you lose weight. This is one of the main reasons people are so enticed to eat this sea vegetable. The dietary fibers in dried sea moss put off stomach emptying. This means that the stomach has more time to absorb nutrients and minerals effectively. It also signals to your brain that you are hungry later than it normally would. This prevents you from reaching out impulsively for that next piece of junk food lying around. 

Improve the Quality of your Skin

Even though there isn’t much evidence yet, those who swear by sea moss say it makes the skin glowy and is the ingredient to achieve the best skin ever. 

sun dried sea moss

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Real vs. Fake Dried Sea Moss

Those sucked into the dried sea moss lifestyle would say that you definitely need to know the differences between real and fake dried sea moss. This is because real dried sea moss is famous for the minerals it carries while fake sea moss is devoid of these minerals. Real sea moss has around 99 of the 102 minerals naturally produced by the body. These same nutrients are mostly not present in fake sea moss. This leads us to the more appearance-based ways to contrast both.

Real sea moss has many shades and tones of color and is composed of super-thin strings and has a small amount of salt residue while fake sea moss has only one color, thick strings, and is saturated with salt. In terms of their consistency, true sea moss is dry when touched while pool-harvested sea moss is soft and moist. 

Being aware of the disparity between both types of sea moss can help you be more discerning when purchasing your own dried sea moss products. 

Ways to Use Dried Sea Moss

In more recent times, sea moss is used as a component in supplements. As for supplements, sea moss can also come in different forms: its raw form, gel, powder, oral capsules, and gummies. It can also be blended in with other ingredients to create different kinds of oral vitamins. This plant can also be mixed with burdock root, turmeric, and bladderwrack. These combinations boast health benefits such as a positive impact on thyroid, immunity,  joint, and digestive health.

Another way manufacturers use sea moss is as a food-thickener. This is a practice already done for years before dried sea moss became a hit. Sea moss was placed in puddings, cottage cheese, milky beverages, ice cream, non-dairy types of milk, and even baby formula. 

Preparing Dried Sea Moss

When sea moss comes in both gel and capsules they can be bought as ready-made products. Buying dried sea moss is another way to personally prepare it. If you want to try a hand at preparing some on your own here are some simplified steps: 

  1. Rinse the dried sea moss and have it soak for around 24 hours.
  2. Take out the excess water.
  3. Use a blender to blend it with some water until it is smooth. You can pour some additional water as you see fit for the consistency you want. It will thicken the longer it sits. 

You can keep your blend for around 5 days. It’s an easy process and can ensure that there are no extra add-ons that you don’t want. This also means that you can choose the consistency of the gel. 


There is certainly some information to back up all the dried sea moss hype. From glowing skin to boosted immunity, Irish sea moss offers many health benefits that can entice most to become superfans.