What Irish Sea Moss Capsules Should You Buy?

Jumped on the Irish sea moss train and can’t get off? You might be tired of having to blend your algae to get that wondrously luscious Irish sea moss gel. Irish sea moss capsules are another way of getting the revitalizing, energy-giving health benefits from your favorite plant without going through more than 1 step: swallowing.

Irish sea moss capsules have a complex side to them due to the combination of the Irish sea moss with other ingredients. Here, let’s discuss the reasons for taking capsules, their effectiveness, what to look for in quality Irish sea moss capsules, and the top 3 capsule brands you should consider.

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Why Go For Irish Sea Moss Capsules?

Just to recap, Irish sea moss capsules have their share of positive effects on your health. For one, they are rich in nutrients. This ingredient alone has 92 of the 110 minerals needed for your body. More than just a supplement, it is arguably integral for your nutrition to take these minerals. These can include iron, potassium, iodine, zinc, sulfur calcium, etc.

If you’re coming from the trendy side of the seaweed fanbase then you might mainly be here for the glowing reviews it has for the skin. This might have more implications on skin issues like eczema than anything else, although it could also improve the texture of your epidermis. In addition to all the skin hype are the benefits Irish sea moss capsules could have on your thyroid, digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, and blood flow. Its potassium can also be good for your emotional health.

What Do You Want to Find in Quality Irish Sea Moss Capsules?

Did you scour the internet for Irish sea moss capsules only to find a confusingly gigantic multitude of sea-green bottles etched with the popular name on it? Here are some good signs to look for that might turn into one green go sign for you when browsing:

  • Ingredients list – It’s always best to know what is the exact breakdown of the contents in whatever you take. Make sure there are no substances you are allergic to in the product you choose.
  • Customer reviews – If the only place you can find reviews about a product is on the website where it is sold AND the review was posted by the brand itself— that’s a red flag. Make sure you can see authentic reviews from verified users. Comb through the reviews to see the positive to negative ratio.
  • Trusted brand image – It’s always better to choose the brand that is already tested and proven to uphold its end of the bargain when it comes to safety and results.
  • Clear Instructions – What is the dosage of one capsule? How many should you take? How many times a day should you take a capsule? All these questions have to be answered under the instructions of the appropriate Irish sea moss capsule brand.
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Top 3 Irish Sea Moss Capsule Brands

The following brands have 4.5 stars with the most ratings on Amazon:

Power By Naturals Certified Organic Sea Moss Plus Supplements

powered by naturals sea moss

These capsules contain a combination of 500mg of Irish sea moss and 400mg of bladderwrack. The formula is strongly concentrated and pure. Both try to maximize quality cell function and health. The sea moss is harvested from the wild and it is a non-GMO, vegan brand. It boosts energy, skin, thyroid, digestive, and immune system health. Minerals included are sulfur calcium, iodine, zinc, potassium, silica, and iron. One user called it a “game-changer”.

Hello Health Certified Organic Sea Moss + Bladderwack & Burdock

hello health sea moss

This capsule advertises the nutrients of Irish sea moss: 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, along with Bladderwack and Burdock. It can detox and cleanse the body, boost your immune system and improve the quality of your thyroid as well . The bladderwrack helps with joint support and anti-aging. Additionally, if you’re in it for skincare the burdock root can help with skin issues as it is a good source of vegan collagen which will improve your joint and skin health. Many studies have shown its role in significantly improving skin texture. This one has many return buyers.

Herb Therapy’s High-Potency Super Sea Moss Supplement

herb therapy sea moss

This organic, non-GMO capsule taken from raw, authentic Irish sea moss, can help with boosting energy and improving one’s mood. You can also count on improved immune and digestive systems. Some people took this while battling COVID-19! Talk about an immune system boost. It’s great for those on a Keto diet too!

Final Thoughts

Irish sea moss pills can be useful for traveling or busy go-getters who have packed schedules. Just make sure to keep your capsule brand in check through reading reviews and doing your research on the ingredients.