What Color is Irish Sea Moss?

It is very easy to tell the difference between Irish Sea moss, and other types of sea moss by looking at the color of it. Irish Sea moss has a unique color that changes dramatically depending on whether it is fresh or dried.

When it is fresh, Irish Sea moss is distinctively purple and very dark in color. But once it is dried the color transforms dramatically. No longer is this moss, dark and purple, instead it becomes incredibly light with a yellowy green tint to it. 

This can make identifying Irish Sea moss slightly difficult because it can be found in so many different variations. So, to pick out Irish Sea moss from a group, you will need to identify if you are looking for fresh or fried sea moss.

If the sea moss has been dried, then you will be able to tell that it comes from the Irish Sea if it has a yellow/green color to it. But, if you are looking at fresh and wet sea moss, then the Irish Sea variation will be a deep purple color.

It can be difficult to understand how one type of sea moss can transform so dramatically, but the reasoning behind this is simple. In the act of drying Irish Sea moss, it is also bleached. It is this bleaching which is responsible for the large difference in color between fresh and dried Irish Sea Moss.

So, in short, Irish Sea moss will be purple when fresh but yellow/green when it has been dried.

What color is sea moss gel?

Sea moss actually comes in a few different colors, which is why it is difficult to definitely say what color sea moss gel is. Although there is only one family of sea moss, the area in which it is grown has a huge impact on how this plant grows.

This, in turn, has an impact on the color that it becomes. However, generally speaking, once sea moss has been converted into sea moss gel, most of the time it will have a yellow/gold color.

As we have established, sea moss is a different color depending on where it was grown. Irish Sea moss is a deep purple when it is fresh, but when it is dried it becomes light and yellow. This process is part of the reason why sea moss gel almost always ends up yellow in color.

In order for sea moss to be converted from its natural form, into a gel, it has to be processed. The processing period usually involves the sea moss being exposed to great amounts of sunlight. This will naturally bleach the moss giving it a yellow color.

So, you might be surprised to find out that sea moss gel is actually yellow, especially when you think about the colors it is when fresh. But this yellow color is a result of the bleaching process which takes place when converting regular sea moss into sea moss gel.

What’s the difference between regular sea moss and purple sea moss?

Disappointingly, there isn’t really much of a difference between regular sea moss and purple sea moss. Apart from the color, of course. The simple fact is that pretty much all sea moss belongs to the same family, and there are only minor variations between the different types.

These variations are usually influenced by the area in which the sea moss comes from. In particular, the natural color of the sea moss is often influenced by the amount of sunlight that they come into contact with.

Regular sea moss is often yellow in color, which makes it a stark contrast from the dark purple sea moss. This is mainly because fresh sea moss that comes yellow in color is often found in warm climates, mainly in the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean experiences significantly more sunlight which is what is mainly responsible for the difference in color. After all, even Irish Sea moss tends to turn yellow once it has been dried with sunlight.

But, other than these colors there really is no massive difference between regular and purple sea moss. The major difference between these two types of sea moss is the area that they grow in, and then all the differences after that stem from this.

Of course, regular and purple sea moss are different lines of sea moss, but from a genetic perspective they are not that different from one another. The main thing that has influenced these differences is the area in which these sea moss variations grow.

Where can I find purple sea moss?

Generally speaking, the best place to find purple sea moss growing fresh is in Jamaica. The warm climates here are an excellent breeding ground for purple sea moss, and in general the Caribbean is a great place to go if you want to see any type of sea moss growing fresh.

Purple sea moss is often of the Irish Sea moss variation, but it will only be purple while it is fresh. As soon as this sea moss goes through the drying process, it is bleached, and it will soon become yellow. So the best place to see live purple sea moss is in Jamaica.

If you want to buy purple sea moss in the form of capsules, then there are lots of places that sell this. In fact, you will be able to buy this variation in most holistic health care retailers as it provides excellent nutrients which are great for your health.

But remember, if you buy purple sea moss from one of these stores, the sea moss will likely no longer be purple. As we have said, sea moss is only purple while it is fresh, so by the time it reaches that store, it will likely have turned yellow in color.

But, if you want to find fresh purple sea moss, then the best place in the world to go is Jamaica as this is where this type of sea moss originates from.