Moss Nutrition: Everything You Need to Know About this Power Plant

In a fast-paced medical world, sea moss takes a leading role among the highly preferred alternative remedies. Also known as Irish moss, the plant’s popularity goes back to more than 1400 years ago where various cultures used it for its immense health benefits. For individuals unfamiliar with this plant, there is always the first question, “what nutritional value does Irish moss have?” It is nearly impossible to find a plant so rich in minerals and vitamins like sea moss. That said, there is always a major confusion between Spanish moss and sea moss. 

In fact, most people wonder, “is there any nutritional value in eating Spanish moss?

Although these two plants almost share a name, Spanish moss is a bromeliad that grows on other vegetation for support. Compared to Irish moss, they are barely edible and offer negligible nutritional value. Keep following as we define more moss nutrition facts and why it’s imperative that you add seaweed to your diet.

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Does Moss Have Nutritional Value?

Beyond any doubt, sea moss is a power-packed plant filled with zinc, magnesium, proteins, and various other vitamins and minerals. Irish moss benefits vary depending on whether you are using it externally or as a superfood. While there are several upcoming studies on moss nutrition, the market has minimal documentation. All in all, below are some of the advantages of ingesting sea moss.

  1. Improving Gut Health

One main benefit associated with sea moss is improved digestion. In short, the weed functions as a probiotic by nourishing good bacteria in the gut. In addition, the sticky substance promotes gut healing and eradication of harmful stomach bacteria.

Most impressive is that sea moss also dissolves well in water and operates as soluble fibers, which helps in reducing appetite. Furthermore, it pushes excreta down the GI tract, thus supporting digestion. For these reasons, selling sea moss can be a profitable venture mainly to patients suffering from a variety of gut issues.

One product that should not be missed in your stock is the Moss Nutrition GI Select Powder. The beauty of this blend is that it is effectively balanced for quick and long-lasting results.

  1. Immune Boosting

Moss nutrition-packed with zinc, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium is a definitive way of warding off body infections. According to a 2015 research on rats, scientists found out that the probiotic effect heightened immunity to greater lengths. Remember that as human beings age, the body protein requirement increases.

If you can’t get sufficient protein for the diet, use a moss nutrition whey protein instead. If possible, athletes or gym fanatics can use protein powders to augment muscle mass and improve body recovery. Above all, do not forget to add an antioxidant to your daily nutrient intake. Luckily, moss nutrition quercetin helps promote urinary health, lung function and normalize blood pressure.

  1. Prenatal Health and Body Development

Childbearing is undeniably complex and straining to the expectant mother. Based on a Food and Drug Administration analysis, Irish moss is packed with iodine and folate, crucial for body tissue development. In addition, iodine keeps the thyroid running, resulting in healthy brain development during pregnancy and infant stages.

On the other hand, add moss nutrition vitamin D products to improve cardiovascular function and support bone structure throughout pregnancy. If need be, you can also use Moss Nutrition EPA/DHA select products. As a reminder, DHA and EPA are key fatty acids that build healthy body tissues and promote other functions in the gut, joints, brain health, and eyes.

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Benefits of Applying Sea Moss Topically

Sea moss is essential in fighting skin conditions like premature aging or acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It also contains sulfur which is famous for soothing inflammation and eradicating bacteria on the skin. With a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, sea moss also hydrates the skin and enhances cell function.

Even if there is no proven evidence supporting sea moss skin benefits, rest assured that you may never go wrong with any of its products. Nonetheless, depending on individual skin type, the products may react differently from one person to the other.

Before testing a new skin product, consult a reliable dermatologist or perform patch tests first. Most likely, sensitive skin may develop some irritation like rashes, however, there is a high probability that the skin may heal naturally within a short time.

Final Thoughts

Beyond anything else, most people wonder how sea moss produces its nutrients. In other terms, does autotrophic nutrition occur in moss? It is worth noting that any plant life with green leaves synthesizes its food via photosynthesis. Therefore, the autotrophic nutrition process indeed happens even in sea moss.

Remember that it might take a couple of weeks to notice the health benefits from sea moss regular use. Most encouraging is that there is a whole load of sea moss you can use like moss nutrition melatonin, moss nutrition acacia fiber, etc. You can also make a moss gel through boiling, which is beneficial in thickening desserts, smoothies, or soups.