Health Benefits of Irish Sea Moss Pills

What kind of seaweed does Kim Kardashian use as the secret ingredient in her smoothies? That seaweed, also considered algae by the scientific name of Chondrus crispus, is most commonly called Irish sea moss. This plant is also made into carrageenan, a gel-like substance or sea moss gel that is mixed into smoothies, iced drinks, and the like. Celebrities and health gurus praise it for its numerous health benefits and therapeutic gel-making process.

Giving thyroid support and enriching digestive properties, what’s not to love? But what if you’re the on-the-go, the 9-5 type? How can you get all the health benefits of this superfood without having to dust off your blender? Irish sea moss pills could be the better alternative for those looking for faster ways to drink up Irish sea moss and even pose more potent nutritional benefits.

Here we dive into Irish sea moss’ history as a nutrient-giving ingredient, its health benefits, and the difference between these capsules and Irish sea moss gel. Let’s see if the nutritious seaweed capsules are the appropriate option for you to get some Irish sea moss into your regular diet.

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Irish Sea Moss and Its Rich, Nutritious History

Irish sea moss has been around for centuries, even during the 1800s it was already making waves among the Kim K’s of that time. On the other side of the coin, it was more often turned into carrageenan and used even by those suffering from nutritional deficiencies in the time of the Irish Potato famine. The seaweed was mixed with warm milk and other ingredients to help malnourished citizens. To this day, it is still popular among locals in the Caribbean and Ireland as a staple drink ingredient for good health.

What are Irish Sea Moss Pills Good For?

Here are some health benefits from incorporating Irish moss pills into your regular diet:

Good for your heart.

Irish sea moss can help decrease the risk of you contracting heart disease. A study by Cherry, et al (2019) entitled “Risks and benefits of consuming edible seaweeds” covers what makes seaweed good or bad for you. For one thing, it was described to lessen the risk of cardiovascular problems as one of its main features.

Good for your skin.

The primary reason sea moss products have been pushed to the mainstream consciousness was due to their effects on the skin. Irish sea moss contains nourishing minerals and vitamins that can enhance cell growth. Additionally, it can hydrate and moisturize the skin making it glow.

It can cure a variety of skin diseases like dermatitis, sunburns, eczema, and psoriasis, and relieves rashes and varicose veins.

Good for your thyroid.

The thyroid hormone Triiodothyronine (T3), which your body already produces on its own, needs to be broken down with the consumption of brown sea moss to convert it into DI-Iodothyronine (DIT). Thyroxin can also be used after eating sea moss. Both are important iodine compounds that are good for thyroid health. This makes sea moss a good source of support for any thyroid disorders.

Good for your immune system.

Because Irish sea moss pills are more of an additional part of your diet, it serves to increase your vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Out of the 102 minerals your body needs, Irish sea moss contains 92 of those. It is rich in minerals that detoxify your body and benefit your immune system.

Good for your gut.

A study about the prebiotic effects of diets supplemented by Irish sea moss or Chondrus crispus found that Irish sea moss pills have positive effects on gut health.

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Irish Sea Moss Pills vs. Irish Sea Moss Gel

Why Go for Irish Sea Moss Pills?

  • You don’t need to prepare it. It’s already in an easy-to-eat capsule form, ready for you to gulp it down.
  • It lasts longer. While Irish sea moss gel lasts for 3 weeks, if you refrigerate it, Irish sea moss pills usually last anywhere from 1 year to 3 years if you religiously keep it in an airtight container.
  • It’s convenient. You don’t need to think of different ways to use or eat it. The pills will always be in the form you bought them and you won’t have to make them into anything else.
  • They are compact. More nutritional content is packed in one pill than a huge bowl of Irish sea moss gel.

Why Go for Irish Sea Moss Gel?

  • You can choose how to prepare it. Do you want to drink it, eat it, massage it in your skin? You get to decide what to do with the gel. There are numerous possibilities on how to use this superfood in gel form. You can add it to casseroles or salads. You could use it as part of a soup or smoothie. If you get bored with the simplicity of downing pills, this is an aspect to consider.
  • You get to prepare it and choose its consistency. You can choose how much water to place to make your gel more watery or rich. You can add ingredients as you choose, making it creamier or smoother depending on your preferences.
  • You can be assured about where it came from. You get to see the Irish seaweed in its raw and pure form. You can tell if the seaweed you bought is from the sea or pool-harvested. Rest peacefully with the knowledge that you can confirm that you are taking in legitimate seaweed.

Side Effects of Irish Sea Moss Pills

Irish sea moss is lauded for its high iodine content. Conversely, too much iodine can also result in thyroid cancer. Consult your doctor before proceeding with any dietary supplement.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking of making Irish sea moss a part of your diet, you most likely have heard of its health benefits on your skin, heart, thyroid, gut, and immune system. The next step will be choosing how to integrate it into your daily intake. Busybodies running from place to place, Irish sea moss pills might gravitate towards the simple, compact, convenient, and potent pill form.