Does Sea Moss Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Apparently so! As a plant that is very rich in iron, sea moss provides crucial minerals that work to naturally increase energy levels when consumed. Without the right amount, your body is sluggish and tired, without enough hemoglobin to fuel you.

You might think that the answer would be to take iron supplements directly, but they can cause unpleasant side effects that might actually impede your sex drive. Unless prescribed by a doctor, it’s easier and more efficient to get your iron via veggies.

In fact, not even a full cup of Jamaican sea moss is supposed to contain more than half of an adult’s Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of iron - far surpassing that of other vegetables found beneath the deep blue.

As confirmed by studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, iron supplementation brings about a great boost in one’s stamina and muscle endurance, which certainly wouldn’t make things worse when it comes to your sexual abilities!

Does sea moss boost testosterone?

It’s difficult to say. Though in the Caribbean, sea moss is widely considered to be a natural solution to fertility problems and many say it has the ability to increase not just testosterone levels but sperm count too, there’s little scientific evidence of this.

In fact, there have been zero studies conducted by any professional research bodies to investigate whether sea moss is actually responsible for an increase in testosterone once consumed - though that isn’t to say that it is impossible.

However, it’s also worth noting that if you’re intending to boost testosterone as a way to improve your chances of getting pregnant, it isn’t going to have the intended effect. Yes, testosterone is needed to produce sperm, but that’s not how things work.

There are other hormones in the body which work to increase the amount of sperm produced, or even improve the overall quality of it. Testosterone isn’t one of them! That doesn’t mean you should give up on sea moss, though.

Just because it doesn’t necessarily boost testosterone, doesn’t mean the green goop is useless: it could improve your overall diet and provide additional nutrients. This can help with other issues that cause infertility in men, like obesity.

Is sea moss good for erectile dysfunction?

Many people believe so, but unfortunately, there has been no scientific research conducted to prove this claim. Across the Caribbean, sea moss is widely considered to be a very powerful natural aphrodisiac, which is where this idea comes from.

In particular, Jamaicans are firm believers that this easily locatable plant - once eaten or turned into a gel - works to improve one’s sexual desire, performance and overall libido. Sadly, all of the evidence is anecdotal, passed down by word of mouth.

The easiest and safest way to cure erectile dysfunction is to use Viagra (or another unbranded medication with the same active ingredient) as these are proven to solve whatever issue is causing your erectile problems.

Will sea moss cure infertility?

No, unfortunately not. As explained above, this rumor stems from hundreds of years of storytelling about the libido-enhancing abilities of sea moss in Caribbean culture, but there is absolutely no scientific evidence or backing to this statement.

If somebody attributes their fertility problems being solved to sea moss, it is possible that the nutrients that it provides the body were helping to solve other problems and boost levels of hormones causing issues with impotence or impregnation.

When it comes to finding a supplement for curing - or at least somewhat treating - infertility, there are so many other different things that unlike sea moss have actually got scientific backing and may well help you get pregnant.

For instance, starting yourself on a good quality prenatal vitamin that has both folate, B vitamins and coenzyme Q10 is a far better idea. Likewise, improving your diet and ensuring you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and mineral-rich foods will also help.

Can you take sea moss every day?

Yes, but be careful. It is important that you only consume two tablespoons of sea moss or less on any given day, or so WebMD says. This is because any more and you may end up with too much iodine in your body, which can cause problems.

Not only is it possible to accidentally enlarge your thyroid with excessive amounts of iodine, which could then cause your body to produce too much of a certain hormone, leading you to develop hypothyroidism, or further issues in the future that impede fertility, rather than improve it.

As there is very little known about sea moss - because no scientific studies have been conducted or if they have they are still in the early stages - it is important to proceed with caution when taking it. Go ahead and have some, but in moderation!