Can I Put Sea Moss Gel in My Tea?

While stirring a gelatinous substance into our lovely brews may seem a little outlandish at first, sea moss gel actually makes for an amazing little additive to a cup of tea. 

Many morning tea drinkers may be put off by the faintly seaweed-ish flavor of sea moss gel, but the truth is, once it’s mixed in among stronger flavors such as chai or peppermint, you really don’t taste it in the slightest. Honestly...give it a go, you won’t even notice it’s in there, and it has massive amounts of health benefits.

Acting as a prebiotic in your digestive system, it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, vastly improving our gut health. It’s also brimming with fiber which as we all know aids digestion, improves colon health, and helps to kill off and evacuate all the not-so-healthy bacteria that will otherwise thrive in our digestive systems.

In light of this, a spoon of sea moss gel can be instrumental in treating constipation and diarrhea, and can even help with weight management. As the stomach is often considered to be the second brain of the human body, improving its health and functionality can have a hugely positive effect on the rest of your body as well as your mental wellbeing.

Rich in vitamin A and E, supplementing your morning cup of tea with a small dose of sea moss gel can combat psoriasis, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. Some even use sea moss gel in the form of face masks to combat the effects of aging and dry skin. It’s basically a one-stop super substance.

How Much Sea Moss Should I Put in My Tea?

Sea moss is fantastic for your health, but, as is the way of the world, you should only enjoy it in moderation. One to two tablespoons a day is plenty. Perhaps you could have one tablespoon in your morning tea before you set off for work, and then one to relax when you return home after a hard day.

The maximum daily recommended dosage for sea moss gel is a ¼ cup, the reason being, it has an extremely high iodine content. This isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, our bodies need iodine to produce thyroid hormones - extremely important molecules that regulate our metabolism and play an essential role in bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy.

The problem is that sea moss is so chock-full with this stuff that we can essentially overdose on it, which can eventually lead to the development of thyroid cancer, goiter, hyperthyroidism, or hypothyroidism.

Don’t let this spook you, though. As long as you consume it responsibly, sea moss gel will work wonders for your digestive health, helping to keep you fighting fit, one super cup of tea at a time.

One last reason you shouldn’t overdo it with sea moss gel in your tea is that it’s most commonly used as a thickening agent in soups, broths, and sauces. Spoon in a tad too much and you may end up with a gloopy cup of tea, which is making me feel sick just writing about it, so it’s best to stick with one tablespoon a cup, twice a day. For the perfect sea moss blend, I recommend using a gel to water ratio of 1:4.

Can You Put Sea Moss Gel in Coffee?

Yep! You can absolutely put some sea moss gel in your cup of Joe to give it a healthy kick. Just follow the same principles as you did with your tea. A tablespoon is all you’ll need. Simply stir it into your brew, and voilà! Your gut health just got a boost.

I myself am partial to adding in a few drops of vanilla essence and a very small squirt of agave nectar in the mix as well. It completely veils the pelagic flavorings of the sea moss gel, and the sweetness takes the edge off the bitterness of the coffee...perfect!

Sea moss gel is so versatile, why stop at coffee, as long as you don’t exceed your suggested daily dosage, you can put it in whatever you want. Hell, I even mix some into my watering can when I water my plants. They love it more than I do!

If you yourself are a loving plant parent, give it a go. Once monthly, mix two tablespoons of sea moss gel into a full gallon of water and do the rounds. Your green children will be growing through your roof before you know it.

If you’re into making your own jam, why not stir a quarter cup of sea moss gel into the mix. It will help it thicken and set, and then as a bonus, all your sweet treats will have the added benefit of improving your digestive health. You know what they say...a jam croissant a day keeps the doctor away.