Boring Gel Blues? Here’s How to Make Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gel

You did the deed: you made your own Irish sea moss gel. Unfortunately, you’ve got the boring gel blues but you still want to drink the healthy substance. Now what?

There are many ways to spice up your sea moss gel to make it even more delectable. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot taste the full force of the sea and the subsequent sea salt you would expect from consuming the soft substance. Thus, adding flavor to your blended concoction can be a very welcome change to your taste buds. Continue reading for some tips to add charm to your luscious drink.

What is Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel?

Infusion is what you do every time you soak your lemons in your water: you are making lemon-infused water. Infusing means drawing flavors or chemical compounds from herbs, vegetables, or fruits to create a solvent with another liquid. These flavors and chemical compounds then become components of the combination, carrying with it beneficial qualities such as nutrients.

infused sea moss gel

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Benefits Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel

Fruit-infused sea moss gel involves a combination of ingredients which means more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals! The flavorful effect of the fruity addition will entice you to drink more of it, hydrating you, and nourishing you. If you find sea moss gel boring on your own this way of brightening it up can make you more motivated to formulate your recipes and enjoy your drink.

The negative effects of eating fruits in their whole form mean you also devour its sugars and excess calories. Vitamin waters with artificial flavoring can be less effective than natural, organic nutrients. Infusing fruits into your Irish sea moss gel can lessen these effects and leave you with all the beneficial parts of the fruit: the flavors and nutrients.

Irish sea moss gel on its own has 92 of the 102 nutrients that the body needs which in its own right is quite a feat. Add this to the fruit infusion and you have a healthy drink in your hands. Aside from that, the Irish sea moss gel ingredient brings in all of the health benefits it already has. It boosts the health of several parts of the body: the immune system, respiratory system, gut, skin, and thyroid. Additionally, it could protect against Parkinson’s disease. Irish sea moss is also a kind of algae, one of the products of the sea that could reduce the risk of cancer. Aside from all of this, it can aid in weight loss due to its ability to lessen your cravings.

What is Flavored Sea Moss Gel?

There are a plethora of options when you want to add flavor to your sea moss gel. Infusing the gel with fruits is just one way that will be talked about here. This is not to be confused with directly blending the fruits with Irish sea moss gel. Infusing might mean boiling or soaking the fruits and deriving juice from them but this is not the same as mixing the actual fruit with the substance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel

This is an Irish sea moss gel recipe that can make your fruit infused sea moss gel in your kitchen:

What You Need

  • Fruit(s) of your choice
  • Irish sea moss gel
  • Blender
  • Containers for soaking
  • Optional: Nut milk bag, dates, mint


  1. If you want to make the Irish sea moss gel from scratch, prepare 1.5 ounces of Irish sea moss gel and proceed to create the Irish sea moss gel. Rinse your Irish sea moss gel in a container, using your hands to take out any particles that you don’t want. Pour the water out and replace it with clean water. Soak the sea moss overnight.
  1. Once you have the Irish sea moss expanded and ready you can take it out of the water and place it in the blender. Blending it with Alkaline water has been a new trend as of late due to its possible colon-cleansing and anti-aging properties. Springwater has also risen in popularity for its natural nutrients. Add varying levels of water to your liking as you blend.
  1. Prepare your fruit or fruits of choice. Mango, watermelon, lime, and oranges are popular options.
  1. Cut up your fruits into smaller pieces. For compact fruits like mango and watermelon, you can slice them vertically and make a grid with your knife to create little cubes. For lemons and oranges you can cut it vertically as well but no need to slice it any further.
  1. Once you have your fruits in small portions you have three options. The first way is to soak your fruit slices in the amount of water you would like to mix with the Irish sea moss gel. A good amount would be 1-2 cups. You can soak them for 30 minutes to an hour to extract the flavors from the fruits.
  1. On the other hand, you can put your desired fruits in a nut milk bag and squeeze out the juices from the fruits. The pulp stays inside the nut milk bag but the juice is what makes the infusion. This will produce a richer juice but will take more energy on your part.
  1. Lastly, you can also choose to boil your fruits in the amount of water you want to blend in with your Irish sea moss. 2-3 cups would be a good amount for this case.
  1. Blend your Irish sea moss gel and fruit infusion, tasting from time to time to ensure the consistency you prefer.

If you want to try adding some other healthy herbs to the mix you can. Irish sea moss gel supplements have additional ingredients like bladderwrack which make great additions to these kinds of recipes. Other options would be mint, turmeric, and rosemary infusions. Blending whole dates can add some sugar to your gel without too much of a downside. This can make your gel a lot creamier which many find refreshing.

Your fruit-infused sea moss gel is long-lasting and won’t be spoiled even if you keep it in your refrigerator for 3 months. Still, make sure it’s still fresh every time you use it. The freezer would be an even more effective way to lengthen its shelf life.

fruit infused sea moss

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Other Ways to Add Flavor to Your Sea Moss Gel

What if you’re okay with the sugary essence of fruits? Using entire fruits like strawberries is a favorite for Irish sea moss gel lovers. Here are a few ways to go about adding flavor if you want to try something other than fruit infusions:

  1. Blend it in as it is. Slice your fruits, grapes, bananas, blueberries, or any other fruit you enjoy. Blend it in with your Irish sea moss gel and see how you will keep wanting to do the same routine for days on end. Adding dates to your blender can give it that natural sugar you want. You can make these blended creations into smoothies or shakes for a relaxing afternoon taking in your concoction.
  1. Squeeze it in. You can squeeze in orange, lime, or lemon juice to give your Irish sea moss gel that citrusy zest. While infusions would call for these to soak in water, boil, or otherwise, you can also feel free to just pour an entire fruit juice in through a strainer.
  1. Add milk. Some people just like their milk. If you love the creamy taste this could be the ingredient that will make Irish sea moss gel a hit for your tongue. Other options include almond milk or soy milk for vegans.

Final Thoughts

Irish sea moss gel is a versatile but sometimes boring drink. You can make it a treat using a variety of fruity ways. Fruit-infused recipes can maximize nutrients and lessen any negative effects on the body. On the flip side, if you want to try making shakes and smoothies using entire fruits you might want to try that out as well. Additionally, herbs can pack the healthy factor in your drink. Whatever you decide to do, the crowning glory that is the sea moss gel provides lots of nutrients on its own.