15 Best Sea Moss Supplements In 2022 [Ranked and Reviewed]

Sea moss is an increasingly popular solution to many persistent health problems.
This spiny sea vegetable offers many benefits: promoting weight loss, boosting gut health, clearing the skin, providing countless vitamins and minerals, stimulating the immune system, and building muscle.
This guide covers the best sea moss supplements on the market so you can choose the supplement that works best for you.

What are the best sea moss supplements in 2022?

  1. Infinite Age – Sea Moss Advanced
  2. Viva Nutra – Regeneration
  3. NutriVein – Premium Sea Moss
  4. Maju Wild – 4-In-1 Sea Moss
  5. MegaPlants – Organic Simply Sea Moss
  6. Double Wood – Irish Sea Moss
  7. Swanson – Full Spectrum Irish Moss
  8. SNAP – Irish Sea Moss
  9. Approved Science – Irish Sea Moss
  10. Secret Element – Organic Sea Moss
  11. Simple Life – Sea Moss
  12. Hello Health – Organic Sea Moss
  13. Maju – Purple Sea Moss Capsules
  14. Inner Brightness – Sea Moss Advanced
  15. Wixar Naturals – Sea Moss Gummies

1. Infinite Age – Sea Moss Advanced

Infinite Age is one of the top-rated sea moss providers on the market.
This supplement combines powerful ingredients like Bladderwrack, which supports a healthy gut and aids in the absorption of nutrients, and Burdock Root, which detoxifies and cleanses the bloodstream, to boost the vitamin-rich benefits of sea moss.
In addition to the 92 vitamins and minerals in Sea Moss, Infinite Age capsules contain additional nutrients to support whole-body health. Each pill includes 102 essential vitamins and minerals.
Infinite Age offers free shipping within the United States and a 90-day money-back guarantee. The company provides one-time purchases or subscription packages.
You can expect excellent customer support and access to quality resources on the company’s blog.

2. Viva Nutra – Regeneration

Viva Nutra’s organic sea moss supplement sets the standard for quality.
The supplement is among the most potent available and consists of a proprietary blend of Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root.
The company uses only organic ingredients, third-party testing, and high-quality manufacturing conditions to guarantee satisfaction—and if you are not satisfied, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.
Viva Nutra also contributes a portion of its proceeds to Vitamin Angels, which provides vital nutrients to women and children in need.

3. NutriVein – Premium Sea Moss

Nutrivein is a small, Black-owned business that sells high-quality supplements—and their sea moss capsules are no exception.
Nutrivein’s products contain 120 capsules with a recommended dose of two pills daily. They are 100% organic and completely free of binders, dioxides, lactose, and all artificial ingredients.
Nutrivein’s Irish Sea Moss unique blend also turns into a soft, gel-like consistency during digestion and promotes fullness.
The product’s customer reviews—over 7,000—support their claims that it contributes to weight loss and boosts energy.
Nutrivein offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try and return their product at no cost.

4. Maju Wild – 4-In-1 Sea Moss

According to Maju’s website, people have harvested Sea Moss for over 14,000 years.
The company combines ancient traditions with modern manufacturing technologies to ensure high quality—at an affordable price.
Maju’s supplement also contains Bladderwrack and Burdock Root, which regulate metabolism and provide antioxidants. Additionally, capsules contain Black Pepper Extract, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and boosts the brain, blood, and gut health.
They grow their sea moss in cold Canadian waters to ensure purity, and the website boasts numerous learning resources.

5. MegaPlants – Organic Simply Sea Moss

MegaPlants Sea Moss is a natural, wild-caught product from the Atlantic Ocean.
This quality supplement is vegan and certified organic. Like any authentic sea moss, it’s also Keto and Paleo-friendly.
This sea moss supplement is potent and high-quality and comes at an affordable price. You can make three months’ worth of sea moss gel with a pack. As it’s tasteless, you can add it to all your favorite recipes, such as smoothies, soup, or salad.

6. Double Wood – Irish Sea Moss

This product is low-cost and highly effective.
Double Wood claims the purest blend of sea moss on the market, and they offer the documents to prove it. On their website, you can view their Certificate of Analysis and Third-Party Test Results.
This product’s high potassium chloride content supports respiratory health and all the other benefits of sea moss.
Double Wood’s supplement is more potent than other products and will offer rapid results.

7. Swanson – Full Spectrum Irish Moss

These capsules contain a premium serving of antioxidant-rich, whole–spectrum sea moss.
The term “full spectrum” means that the supplement contains the entire sea moss plant, with antioxidants and vitamins that fight free radicals in your body.
Each serving contains 400 mg of pure ingredients that contribute to optimal health.
These are among the most affordable supplements on the market, and you can receive additional discounts by purchasing multiple bottles at a time.

8. SNAP – Irish Sea Moss

SNAP’s new Irish Sea Moss supplement contains organic Seaceuticals iodine extracted from Nordic geothermal vents and rare crucial nutrients and minerals.
Additionally, SNAP’s product contains kelp and seaweed compounds that deliver antioxidants and support energy production and metabolism.

9. Approved Science – Irish Sea Moss

Approved Science offers high-quality, scientifically formulated supplements for research-backed results.
While pricier than most, their Sea Moss capsules are GMP-certified, vegan-friendly, and premium grade.
They contain ingredients like Bioperine and Bladderwrack to promote efficient intake and absorption.
Approved Science’s formula is the product of extensive research and organic ingredients and contains no additives or harmful chemicals.

10. Secret Element – Organic Sea Moss

Secret Element offers a high-potency product that combines the oceanic superfood with a thyroid support complex to boost thyroid function and well-being.
Their product is carefully tested and boasts a 23% higher-than-average absorption rate to maximize efficiency.
These capsules are substantial but do not deliver the same strong aftertaste as other products, so they are easy to consume and quick to act.

11. Simple Life – Sea Moss

Simple Life crafts unflavored capsules from 1400 mg of Sea Moss with added Burdock Root and Bladderwrack.
These capsules are highly potent and are particularly beneficial for those seeking gut cleanses and thyroid health solutions.
Like Sacred Element, this company produces a product that consistently contains a higher concentration and absorption rate of vitamins and minerals for maximum efficiency.
Their prices are reasonable, and each bottle contains 60 pills.

12. Hello Health – Organic Sea Moss

Hello Health is a holistic nutrition provider that emphasizes the importance of natural and organic ingredients.
Their sea moss powder pills are packed with 1500 mg of sea moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root—more than the average supplement.
Additionally, Hello Health pills have added prebiotic fiber to support sea moss’s digestive and weight-loss benefits.
The company manufactures all products in an FDA-registered and CGMP-compliant facility to ensure safety and purity. All products are free of preservatives and additives.

13. Maju – Purple Sea Moss Capsules

Purple sea moss is a variant of the superfood that contains slightly more antioxidants than the rest. The strain grows in dark, cool places, and Maju harvests their purple sea moss from the waters of the Canadian Atlantic.
Maju’s capsules are organic, wild-crafted, and stronger than the average product. They are free of additives, artificial dyes, and pesticides.
Because they are powder pills, these.
Maju’s products have appeared on Buzzfeed, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune.

14. Inner Brightness – Sea Moss Advanced

Inner Brightness is a small business that manufactures vegan, organic supplements.
Their Sea Moss capsules are crafted from Organic Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Burdock Root—and 95% Turmeric, Curcumin, and Black Pepper extract.
The added ingredients contribute to digestive health and nutrient absorption.
Turmeric and Curcumin also promote heart and brain health, and research has shown that both ingredients are effective as supplements for treating Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and Cancer.
Inner Brightness capsules contain 1500 mg of Sea Moss and are slightly more expensive than the average product due to the added ingredients.

15. Wixar Naturals – Sea Moss Gummies

Ideal for those who struggle to take pills, Wixar’s potent, high-quality gummy offers a delicious solution.
The gummies contain 1600 mg of Irish Sea Moss, 240 mg of Burdock root, and 1000 mg of Bladderwrack. Wixar Naturals also adds apple flavoring to their gummies to promote taste.
According to Wixar Naturals, their gummies contribute to a higher absorption rate to get the most out of your purchase.
With over 5,000 reviews—nearly all positive—this gummy earns our vote.

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Wrap Up

Sea Moss has undeniable benefits.
Sea Moss supplements are the ultimate addition to any diet, from improving digestive health and overall nutrition to combatting the harmful effects of free radicals.
With this guide at your disposal, you can choose the Sea Moss supplement that best fits your needs – and join the movement.

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Related Questions

Who should use sea moss supplements?

Sea Moss supplements contain a high volume of vitamins and minerals suitable for any diet. They are safe and healthy for most, although it is always best to consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

Why do so many supplements contain other ingredients?

Most other ingredients in Sea Moss supplements also contribute to optimal health.
Many providers add Bladderwrack and Burdock Root to enhance the effects of Sea Moss and offer additional benefits like immune support and weight loss.