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Sea Moss has, in recent years, become a superfood of sorts that many are eager to try for health benefits. Two popular species often get confused because they sometimes resemble one another. When it comes to Irish sea moss vs. St. Lucia sea moss, which is better for you? Knowing the differences can help you

Do you know what sea moss (Chondrus crispus) is? This unusual sea vegetable is becoming more and more popular for a good reason! Sea moss (aka Irish moss) is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to our health. Does Sea Moss Have Vitamin D? Yes, sea moss has Vitamin D! Chondrus

Sea moss is one of the best organic health supplements you can take to improve your overall health. If you don’t feel like your best self every day, you may want to look into taking one of these organic daily supplements that so many others have fallen in love with. What are the 5 best

When you take a trip to the beach and spot some sea moss, your first thought probably isn’t to put it in a smoothie. However, this ingredient has gained attention recently due to its delicious taste and multiple health benefits. If you want to give this ingredient a try, keep reading to learn about the

Why St. Lucia is Known For Irish Sea Moss Irish Sea moss from St. Lucia has become a popular self care staple in recent years, either due to Dr. Sebi’s book or Kim Kardashian’s sea moss smoothie Twitter post. As a proclaimed superfood, having 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs, Irish sea moss

Jumped on the Irish sea moss train and can’t get off? You might be tired of having to blend your algae to get that wondrously luscious Irish sea moss gel. Irish sea moss capsules are another way of getting the revitalizing, energy-giving health benefits from your favorite plant without going through more than 1 step: